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Why We Are First Choice For Conservation and Renovation
Alliance Preservation was established in the North East in 1981. Eradicure established in London in 1967. The two brands have amalgamated their respective trading styles and logos into a national commercial property based service known in the North East as Alliance-Eradicure and Eradicure-Alliance in London and the South.

Existing alliance Preservation remain in Newcastle and Saltburn. Domestic client based franchised outlets in Kent, Nottingham and Manchester will continue to trade as Alliance Preservation. Eradicure have rectified design faults of buildings as old and distinguished as the Tower of London – waterproofed by Eradicure in 2002 and the Palace of Westminster damp proofed in 2003 and Anne Hathaway’s cottage treated for timber decay in 1996.¬†Alliance Preservation has recently remedied moisture ingress caused by defective design in a building less than 20 years old in Limehouse Basin, London.

All-Bar For Your Peace of Mind
Poor security of premises gives rise to personal loss,vandalism and fear. The company’s unique patented
products give very discreet but almost impregnable and unrivalled door and window security to property and people. No unsightly bars need to be fitted yet the window is fully secure – allowing owners to regain the aesthetics of their drawing rooms by removing unsightly and ineffective pullacross steel shutters.

Communal areas of blocks of flats previously targeted by vandals have now been transformed. Attacks on the All-Bar door lock only serve to increase its invulnerability. Our door locks can exceed the strength of the wall into which the door is set. Walls can be reinforced using ALL-Bar products and these can also be adapted to form secure safe rooms.

Please see our website for full details of security products.