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Case Studies

Building Preservation is a unique area of specialisation vital to many remedial works and renewed longevity for the buildings coming within the orbit of this subject.

A specialisation, yet one which of necessity commands a good working knowledge of the elements of a building – plus an understanding of internal enviroments of our homes – often contributing to unnecessary illness through lack of ventilation, toxins in furnishings and building materials and irritants in economically enforced insulation.

The profession of chartered surveyor does not provide the reach required in this field neither does the field of architecture or building engineers. The Specialist Surveyor of the standing that the Institute of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers promotes must draw elements of these fields together in one skilled expert.

To this end regulated awards to level 3 Certificate to Diploma length have been brought out culminating in the full development of a series of 7 such Diplomas also covering issues such as Damp and timber, Fungal Decay and Insect Attack of timbers, Japanese Knotweed, Building Conservation, Structural detail, Security, Mould, Condensation and Internal Environment audit.

To illustrate the depth and breadth of knowledge required the following case studies are presented –

Case Study 1: Dry Rot
Case Study 2: Dry Rot in a Listed Building
Case Study 3