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Case Study 3

A 1970’s tenanted bungalow occupied by a family of 3 with 2 large dogs reported dampness to the landlord who then arranged for a specialist damp treatment company to call. A quotation was given – in this case from a builder offering damp treatments – for injection of a damp proof course with associated sand and cement re rendering.

A visit to this property revealed grey white and black mould behind curtains and on wall behind beds pushed up against the walls. There was no extractor fan in the kitchen or bathroom. All windows had been replaced with UPVC double glazing.

The property had no continuous source of ventilation and thus the resulting build up of moisture leading to relative humidity well above RH50 had deposited condensation droplets against the vinyl wall paper and other decorated surfaces leading to germination of mould.

Advice given was install 2 single room heat recovery units to the bathroom and kitchen.

Tenant was unwilling at first to accept this would be solution to the problem when another alleged expert had recommended a damp proof course.

It should be noted these calls number in their tens of thousands across the UK throughout the year and especially in the autumn and winter and many as above will go onto become subject to inappropriate destructive treatments leaving the occupiers and owner still searching for a solution.

Further case studies can be seen in the Which Report of 2011 available on this web site.