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Condensation is the commonest type of dampness found in every building. Ingredients are lack of adequate ventilation, and creation of water vapour within the property, inadequate space heating. The warmer air becomes the more water vapour it can ‘hold’. When air cools down due to reduction in heating or seasonal factors it can hold less moisture thus causing water droplets to condense on cold surfaces. This source of moisture can attract fungal spores floating in air currents. Black or gray mould can form. This is unsightly, ruins decorations and creates a feeling of damp and squalor.

The fungal spores when breathed in by healrhy adults are neutralised.  In adults with weak or impaired immune systems, elderly and young people the ubiqitous spores are less easily dealt with and a build up of mould spores from increasing condensation can cause aspergillosis.


Aspergillus is a universally occurring mould, the spores of which can cause aspergillosis to those with weak immune systems. See The recent UK boom in buy to let mortgages has created a battalion of amateur landlords attracted by low cost mortgages. That a complicated web of legislation surrounds property letting and management is not something that many owners or even some agents are aware of. Hanging over everyone is the common law duty of care. As negligence becomes increasingly applied to landlord and tenant relations many will be unable to afford the punitive fines, criminal punishments, and compensation orders that are waiting to trap the unwary landlords.

Toxic Mould

Any type of fungal spore has the propensity to affect health if present in great enough numbers. Toxic mould requires specialist treatment. Mould can be prevented in the first place by adequate heating, ventilation, and control of moisture creation.

However with home occupiers out at work and a reluctance to leave windows open ventilation becomes inadequate and the drying of clothes on radiators can create high levels of moisture.

Our specialist positive ventilation units control and potentially eliminate condensation by introducing more air into the property thus forcing out damp stale moist air.

The ISSE Home Log Book is an audit tool that landlord and managing agent can use to cost effectively discharge the duty of care. With an audit of enviromental living conditions, advice, recommendations and landlord and tenant training in occupational management.