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Structural Repairs

Alliance Preservation have a complete range of products and services to repair and stabilise structures.

Cracks can be ‘stitched’ with resin and stainless steel bar.

Walls can be restrained laterally by internal steel straps.

Walls can, in some instances, be ‘over-pinned’ as opposed to ‘under-pinned’ as a means to correct foundation collapse or heave at considerably less risk and cost and can also avoid future heave from expanding clay substrate.

Cavity walls can be re-tied to restore structural integrity.

Timbers can be repaired with resin and steel ties.

Alliance Preservation is developing a nanotechnology based structural monitoring system which can give early notice of movement and instability while at the same ifentifying the precise area in need of stabilisation. The system can also be used to prevent movement by special molecular bonding technology.

Render coats can also contain isotopes to monitor stability in underground tanking areas.