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Underground & Basement Tanking

BASEMENT TANKING or underground waterproofing is a complex area. A successful conversion can add several times the cost of the works to the property value.

It is essential that the survey is conducted thoroughly. This can include excavation of the ground outside to determine the soil type and stratas, water table and salt content.

The external drainage and proximity to culverts,drains and lie of the land should be assessed. Neighbouring properties need to be noted.

The internal survey requires assessment of the condition of the internal face of the wall and presence of salts. Condition of the fabric and depth of foundations and footings is very important.

A successful conversion should last decades however should the survey and installation not have been undertaken thoroughly the system can appear to work successfully but if any joints have not been taped correctly or inadequate drainage arrangements made then the system could fail.

Once the tanking works are completed they are then dry lined and once hidden from view thus a reliable installer and system is essential. Thus it is important to select a company which understands the survey and is competent in installation and training and supervision of technicians.

Cellars and basements can be brought into residential use by membrane tanking.Our design team can design a bespoke basement tanking system to allow you add significantly to the floor area of your existing property.

The self draining cavity membrane will, where the basement area is fully enclosed by high ground, usually have a sump pump in order to evacuate water which may collect under the membrane.

Once installed such a system can be guaranteed subject to terms and conditions for up to 30 years. Coupled with a positive ventilation system the newly created subterranean space is equivalent to above ground areas. Borrowed light from above via light tubes for example can give a daylight feel to the new area.

Cementitious systems can also be used and these can be successful but much depends upon adequate preparation of the substrate.