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The field of building preservation, while it is a specialist subject, is also far ranging. Surveyors owe a duty of care to clients and need to be able to summarise the condition of a building quickly accurately and thoroughly.  An external and internal audit needs to be undertaken in order to assess the risks and offer advice.  Preservation surveyors need a grounding in basic surveying,structural issues, enviromental matters, conservation and regulatory plus waterproofing. Their other skills should encompass ability to write reports and recommend remedial works provide reliable and accurate quotations, understand and implement health and safety policies and monitor and manage technicians who undertake the work.

Technicians need to be trained in all aspects of the work and to have an understanding of basic surveying health and safety and site and installation procedures.

Apprentices are monitored by the senior technicians.

Alliance Preservation via ISSE training courses have many years experience of training apprentices through to technicians surveyors and senior surveyors.