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New Developments

Alliance Preservation is an ISSE business member. The ISSE is the only Institute representing the building preservation industry. Established for over 30 years it is the oldest continuous organisation in the industry. The aim of the ISSE has always been to raise standards. As technology develops new means of raising standards emerge. Developments in nanotechnology have created the means of conceptualising and developing a nano timber and stone preservative. That such a material is possible can stabilise and conserve built cultural heritage the world over.

In furtherance of raising such standards the ISSE has recently appointed Peter Crighton FRICS, an eminent conservationist to Board level.Peter has wide expertise in property conservation and his portfolio includes managing the restoration of Portsmouth Docks – now a World Heritage site.

As a further example of raising standards by creating them – nanotechnology can also assist with enviromental cleansing. To  furrther this development a recent Board appointment is Patrick Gallagher of Kair Ventilation who has invented and developed a unique range of ventilation and enviromental cleansing systems.

Nanotechnology is a green helper too in that small nano particles -one billioneth of a metre – reduce the need for material bulk. In increasingly rare and valuable earth minerals and metals extending the spread of these materials is vital.

New products made from waste materials have been identified which could revolutionise the world’s approach to wasteful and contaminating products such as plasterboard.  The ISSE support these innovations and through the Construction Industry Council aims to disseminate the research and concepts developed. Alliance Preservation are working with the ISSE to pilot such developments and to re establish the contractors member scheme.

The Preservation Industry is not without its fair share of difficulties caused to clients by rogue and opportunistic traders who see a quick profit in creating a company offering long term guarantees for services which the client cannot assess the efficacy of himself.

The ISSE have established a separate guarantee company to administer the scheme. Following full payment to the contractor a per centage of each qualifying treatment the client can pay the required fee to the ISSE fund. Should the contractor become insolvent the ISSE fund will provide cover under the terms and conditions of the original approved guarantee.

This is a unique scheme in that –

  • it is unlikely a contractor will cease trading and if that happens at some future date the fund is designed to equate to or exceed the value of risk for that contractors liabilities.  Funds are increased sufficiently to automatically provide cover with every additional guarantee payment.
  • The fund exists continuously and is not provided as in insurance by a profit making company with overheads.
  • This type of fund is only possible when controlled by an independent not for profit organisation such as an Institute
  • The Institute is over 30 years old and the permission of the Secretary of State is required to set up such a body.
  • The ISSE is the Guardian of the Preservation Industry and exists to raise standards it is not a trade body promoting commercial interests.

The ISSE have laid down the following criteria for business members –

  • Established for over 3 years with a random audit of procedures, records and mode of operation.
  • ISO registration for all new members.
  • Training of all surveyors and techniciains.
  • Ongoing maintenance of qualifications by annual CPD of 50 hours.
  • Commitment to the ISSE constitution and codes of practice.
  • Offer a long term guarantee compliant with the ISSE guarantee scheme.