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Wet Rot – (Coniophora Puteana)

This is less serious than dry rot but damage can be extensive especially in damp basements. Fungal growth will not affect dry timber thus treatment is less extensive than for dry rot and exposure work is not usually a major part of the treatment. The cause of dampness has to be identified and rectified.

Underfloor ventilation is a key requirement in keeping floor timbers dry.

Maintaining ground levels below the damp course especially in solid walled structures and ensuring the damp course is effective are also key factors. Defective down pipes gutters and pointing are all potentially contributory causes of fungal decay in timber.

Timbers such as skirting in contact with damp masonry can cause fungal decay.

Clients will be advised of the type of fungal decay including those not detailed in this section such as fibroporia valantii.